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Active Threat Training
(Business, Church, Group)


PMAC Active Threat Training provides individuals with principles to make decisions to increase survivability during violent critical incident. You will learn "Options" not a sequential system to prepare you for a violent critical incident. During this presentation you will learn statistics, and lessons learned from prior incidents. This course is perfect for any size business, church, etc.


(Optional Scenario Training Available)

Presentation Duration : Approximately 90 Minutes.

Presentation & Scenario Duration : Approximately 120 Minutes

Contact for Pricing and to Schedule a Class

Self Aid - Buddy Aid
(Business, Church, Group)


This is not a "basic first aid" course. Students will learn the essential skills necessary to save his/her life or the life of another prior to the arrival of emergency medical personnel and, when possible, remain capable of protecting themselves and others. Students will learn the following:  prioritize action in the direct-threat environment, balance potential risks and benefits of casualty treatment when an active threat is present, stop bleeding with commercially available tourniquets and dressings, maintain breathing with a nasopharyngeal airway, and use appropriate drags and carries to move a casualty from immediate danger.

Contact for Pricing and to Schedule a Class

Custom Training


Contact us for a custom class tailored to you or your organizations specific needs.

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