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Officer Street Survival
(Defense Tactics)

This course teaches principles and concepts for defending against common attacks by aggressive subjects, both standing and on the ground, with and without weapons. Confrontation management and resolution, both verbally and physically, are taught throughout along with modern use-of-force standards. Through practical application and drilling, students will learn angles for domination, personal defensive tools, the dynamic movement against an attacker, closing in and countering strikes, ground skills & defense, and much more.

Officer Street Survival
(Control and Arrest)

This course teaches contemporary principles and concepts for controlling subjects before, during and after use-of-force encounters. Subject management and control, both verbally and physically, are taught along with modern use-of-force standards. Verbal skills, confrontation management, conflict resolution, and de-escalation are emphasized throughout in order to minimize the use of physical force. Through practical application and drilling, students will learn street-proven control holds, escorts, takedowns, restraint, handcuffing, and ground control measures for gaining and maintaining safety. Additionally, students will learn how to work with partners and apply team-based techniques that reduce the risk of injury to all parties rather than increase it.

Officer Street Survival
(Ground Survival)

This course focuses on officer ground survival of a violent encounter. Students will learn ground control, ground countermeasures, weapon retention and deployment plus much more. Our comprehensive program is proven in real world encounters. It is principle base which allows an officer to adapt and overcome instead of relying on set curriculum of techniques. This courses is a must have for street cops and corrections officers that deal with violent encounters.

Officer Street Survival
(Weapon Retention & Deployment)

This weapon retention course features a training system that builds your skills from the ground up. You will begin with simple drills that build your foundation in all ranges of the fight from striking, clinch, and groundwork. These elements will stack onto one another in a simple, easy-to-understand way until you reach proficiency and efficiency through guided repetition and drilling. You will learn how to conceal, retain, and deploy your weapon of choice against aggressive and violent attacks while standing, clinching, or ground fighting

Officer Street Survival
(Duty Knife as a Back Up)

Most Law Enforcement officers and armed security professionals carry at least one knife on their person when on duty. In addition to the variety of utility functions a knife can perform, many carry a knife with intent to use it as a last-ditch survival weapon or weapon retention tool. Unlike other weapons armed professionals, most do not train in techniques and procedures for how to carry, deploy and in the defensive use of a knife. This course will teach fundamentals of positions and mobility, tactics for achieving dominant angles, weapon grips, knife angles and much much more.

Officer Street Survival
(Edged Weapon Countermeasures)

Statistically more lethal than firearms assaults at extreme close-quarters, edged weapons are a constant threat that law enforcement officers must be aware of and prepared to defend against on a daily basis. In addition to the threat it presents law enforcement professionals, the threat of an edged weapon assault is a reality that we all must be prepared to face in a self-defense situation.  

The goal of this course is not to avoid "martial arts" techniques, but to analyze what martial artists have learned from centuries of trial and error, and handpick the techniques, tactics, and procedures that have the highest probability of success for the average civilian or law enforcement officer. Although this course content is extremely beneficial to martial arts practitioners from various backgrounds, this video course takes into consideration those who are neither martial artists, nor have the opportunity to train on a regular basis. 

Custom Training


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