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Law Enforcement & Corrections


Our programs provide use-of-force, subject control, physical defense and combatives instruction that allow officers to stop or dominate an encounter. Our comprehensive program is proven in real world encounters. It is principle base which allows an officer to adapt and overcome instead of relying on set curriculum of techniques. These courses are a must have for street cops and corrections officers that deal with violent encounters.

Corporate Training Services


Our active threat programs provide individuals with the tools to increase their survivability in modern safety and active threat situations. These programs will provide principles that allow individuals to respond with confidence and make good survival decisions. 


Our civilian programs provides those who lawfully carry a concealed weapon with the tools to defend themselves in a violent encounter. Students will learn empty hand (standing and ground), weapon retention, and weapon deployment to win the encounter.

Custom Training


Contact us for a custom class tailored to you or your organizations specific needs.

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